SESRA BOPs the Fall Road Tour

The GT1 and GT3 class did battle at Watkins Glen for Race 1 of the Fall Road Tour. Ryan Washeleski and Kyle Bos won the poles for the classes. Kyle Bos drove to an uncanny lead in his Audi R8 LMS early in the race and built a 38 second lead on 2nd in class over the 30 minute race.

Due to the lack of incidents by Bos and Ridgway (P2 GT3 finisher) it warranted an investigation by SESRA Admins to ensure the cars of the GT3 class are balanced for remainder of the FRT Season.

After cross referencing the latest iRacing updates it was found that the Audi R8 needed an additional 66 lbs added as well as 11 lbs added to the Mercedes AMG for racing in class conditions. This will be applied for the remainder of the season.

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