SESRA Board Dismissed

The Southeastern Sim Racing Association has gone through radical changes several times in its short existence, and this week is yet another. Jason Andersen, founder of SESRA, disbanded the SESRA Board this week following the Dr. Squatch Pro Series race at Michigan. The Board assisted Jason in many tasks of operating the league, but at a seeming large price from the board’s members.

“Helping me run and admin the league was a stressful and thankless position. The guys scrambled week after week to install and enforce measures to better the racing product, but fell on huge amounts of scrutiny from the driver’s and members. I feel that it has gotten to the point that all decisions are made from bias and personal perspectives from all sides. When no one is having fun its time for a change. I’m putting the league under my own guidance and direction and frankly not listening to anyone from this point. It was my initial ideas that made an awesome group at the start so that’s what I’m going back too. People who like it my way are welcome to come race it up with me, and the ones who don’t thanks for stopping by.” – Jason Andersen

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