State of the League 2019

As the year draws to an end it brings a time for us to look at what has taken place this year in SESRA, and what the plans are moving forward.

Oval Racing- This year we ran the first Top Flight Computers AM Series, primarily based from 2018’s Founder Series where the races changed the cars used as the season went on. The different cars was well received but with the series meant to be a feeder for the Dr. Squatch Series. Many did not like the high skilled drivers of the Dr. Squatch Series racing with the new drivers as they tried to learn the ropes. The 2020 Top Flight Computers Series will run 3 different classes and not let Dr. Squatch Series winners and champions race the truck class, as that will be ment for newer oval racers. The Dr. Squatch Series ran for its 2nd consecutive year. The vetting of drivers that matched the right mindset was poor, Admins were busy with new ventures, and rules were changed on the fly. The 2020 Dr. Squatch Season will only feature invited drivers, with a small group of focused admins who plan to not have to change or amend any rules during the season.

Road Racing- The GT3 3HR was a great and fun success. Establishing road racing as a SESRA format. Many Pop-Up road races have taken place as the league tests different car sets and tracks to see what type of seasons would work the best. The SESRA Grand Prix was short lived, cancelled due to lack of involvement but did warrant the need for an open wheel road racing series within the league. Drivers have signed up and are preparing for the 2020 Formula S. The Fall Road Tour has been an awesome series the muli-class racing has helped drivers find cars the better fit their skill set. This Series will be refined and kept in 2020 as well. The Mountain 1000 will be the last stand alone event in 2019 and depending on how the event goes it may be kept on the annual schedule.

Dirt- For the 2020 Season, the SESRA Dirt Series will be hosting a pro dirt late model series. The May Madness was an exciting mini-series that set the table for the amazing dirt racing coming in Jan.

A stressful and trying time for the league, but a lot of lessons learned. We, as admins, have learned the tolerances of the league and know exactly what will make it better going into 2020.

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