2022 Series Info

This will be the most comprehensive season in the South Eastern Sim Racing Association’s history. Where we are adding a lot of factors more common to real life motorsports then found in most sim leagues. This season is NOT for the faint of heart. This Pro Series is not in any shape of the way meant to be a simple show up and run series. Much like how our first season was designed to be in 2018; this season is built for the truly dedicated enthusiasts in the sim racing world.

First and Foremost! We will be racing the LOVED ARCA Car

The Pro Series is a charter based entry platform, when charter owners are allowed to purchase up to 4 charters for the 2022 season. This allows owners to field a team and compete for the Owner Points Championship; which is based on where the cars in their team finish each race. Note! It is the owner’s responsibility to “sign” drivers and keep their cars on the track. While the charters can not be sold or traded to other teams mid season. Driver’s can be fired, hired, or even traded at any point.

A True Manufacturer’s Championship!

Within the driver’s racing to win, Team owner’s pushing their team to win, competing Setup Shops are on the track to win the Setup Manufacturer’s Championship. Before the drop of the green flag Team Owner’s have to make a hard decision. Sign with an official setup manufacturer, or build test and tune their own setups. Once a team owner signs with an official setup shop for the season they are locked in and will only score points for that shop for the entirety of the season. The setup shop will provide the teams with their setup to the upcoming race (for free of course) in return for critical driver feedback and requested data. The theory here is that teams and the shops will open a constructive dialogue to constantly up the competition factor.

Tuesdays, Practice 7pm, Qualifying 7:50pm, Driver’s Brief 7:55pm, Grid 8pm (All times Eastern)

Current Awards and Payouts

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