Formula S

SESRA expands its Pro Tier racing series lineup with adding the pinnacle of open wheel performance. Formula S will feature 11 teams fielding 2 cars each, battling across a 20 race world tour.

The AR Simsport #6 Empire Graphics machine to be piloted by Jason Andersen in the FS 2020 season.

Race distances are estimated to be in the 1 to 1.5 hour zone for the FW-31 cars. Teams will customize their machines through working, designing and building the cars setups. Engineers and setup whispers will be a hot commodity as teams look for ways to get an edge on their competitors.

Driver and Team points will follow the current F1 points format. A simple and rewarding points system that will have all the entries fighting over cash purses and awards.

To drive reach out to a team and negotiate a deal. To form your own team email SESRA Competition at

SESRA Super Series

Organized by Canadian Pro Stock driver Zac Sprung, the SESRA Super Series embodies all the greatest short track action you can fit on a sim!

SESRA Grand Prix

The thrill is like non other. This is a unique series due to the fact that is constantly open to the public. Anyone can jump in and run one or more of the season’s events and earn points under their name. Nonetheless free to come and go as they please.

The SESRA Grand Prix has no entry fee or sign up, uses the Lotus 79 and custom built fixed setups. Races aim to be approx. 127 miles in length and can be found in the iRacing Hosted Section.


Dirt is one of the newest additions to the association. Established with a dirt late model series, there are currently no restrictions to show up and compete in the SESRA Dirt Series.

This Series is slotted for 11 races but may expand to 13 before the start on Jan 8th. Heat races will be ran during day conditions with the main beginning at sunset. SESRA will allow open setups and utilize random weather conditions. Its $5 entry fee to race your way to the front in the SESRA Dirt Series. Registrations open June 23rd!

Dr. Squatch Pro Series

Our most elite series, sponsored by the best natural soap maker Dr. Squatch, is the pinnacle of all desire within SESRA. A sim racer must prove himself a clean and fast driver, demonstrate unwavering professionalism, while separating himself from his peers to race against a hand selected 40 drivers.

Forty charters are owned by team owners who recruit drivers that compete in the grueling 20 race season. This year the driver’s championship will follow a playoff format, closing the field to 16 drivers after the roval, 8 after Las Vegas, and a final 4 at Homestead.

To earn your ride in the Dr. Squatch Series start by making a name for your self in any of the other SESRA Series, sign up for one today! [CLICK HERE]

The SESRA Double

What greater mark of talent of a true racer than endurance. Only a few true blue racers have taken on the double in real life. The Indy 500 and the Coke 600 that is. Well now you may tackle the beast in the comfort of your own home!

SESRA takes great pride in its single events, much like the exciting GT3 3HR earlier this year, our admin team puts alot of time and work into the organization and prep to ensure we host a perfect event.

The race will use the Indycar Dallara 2011 and the NASCAR K&N, both races will allow open setups and cash payout to the winner of each. The average highest finisher will in the grand prize of the Ironman Trophy, and cash payout to the top 3 overall finishers.

Only 36 slots are available of each race, it is possible to sign up for just one race but a driver choosing to sign up for both will remove the single race entry. A driver removed for this reason will receive a refund of the entry fee.

The Indy 500 is scheduled to go green at 1pm est on Saturday, June 22nd, with the SESRA 600 starting at 7pm. The server will open up for practice at 10am and immediately after the end of the 500 the server for the 600 will open.

To win the Ironman Trophy it starts with signing up! [CLICK HERE]