Do you have what it takes?

Drivers in any SESRA Series have to be more than the norm. The Southeast Simulation Racing Association was founded with the idea of pushing sim racing to its true potential in the eSports industry. While skill and talent are a must to be competitive among the field, its your professionalism, personality and integrity that will bring you to the top.

Only 40 charters exist for the Dr. Squatch Pro Series, and to get one you must best your way through the gauntlet, establish dominance in your trials, and prove you belong with sim racing’s elite on your journey to the top!

What rewards this level of commitment? Cash money winnings. SESRA’s inaugural season paid out over $500 in total winning purses and currently project over $1000 for season 2 in fall 2019. So what are your waiting for? Start your climb today.   

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