Points for the Top Flight Computers Series

After DEGA!!!! / Race 13

3.1. Points for each class will be scored in descending order by how many
cars were in the field. I.e: 38 car field – 1st 38 pts, 3rd 36 pts, 38th 1 pt.
3.2. Bonus Points: Clean Driver (0x)- 1 point, Lead a Lap – 1 point, Fastest
Race Lap – 1 point, Hard Charger (Highest finish position from lowest
qual position, Cannot be awarded to an EOL)- 2 points, Pole Winner – 2
points, Race Winner – 3 points

Award Program, Brought to you by Modern Spartan Systems.

  • Any driver finishing the race with 0 inc will score 1 point for cleanest driver
  • The driver making the highest advance during the race from his starting position will score a point for Most Passes (Hard Charger)
  • The driver posting the fastest lap during the race will score a point for Most Fastest Race Lap
  • The driver who leads the most laps during the race will score a point for Most Laps Led
  • Ties broken by driver’s position in championship points