The 2020 Dr. Squatch Series will receive some radical changes. Most notably the ‘Pro’ and ‘AM’ identifiers will be dropped from both their respective series. In 2020, Drivers will once again be hand picked by Jason Andersen much as they were prior to 2019. It will still feature a 20 race schedule, use the iRacing Class B, but will allow Manufacturers to run different fixed setups. Ford, Chevy, and Toyota owners and drivers will go head to head and compete for not only a Driver and Team Championship but also a Manufacturer Championship. For all the details check out the 2020 rule book below.

The Top Flight Computers Series will feature 3 separate classes that race on the same night and usually in the same server. A truck series, K&N series, and an asphalt modified series. This series is no longer a feeder for the Dr. Squatch series and is open to anyone for either series within TFC Series. Usual format will be Modified race and KN race during a server practice session, when complete the server will advance to a qual and race for the Trucks. The truck race will be live broadcasted on the SESRA Facebook page by Jason Andersen & Friends.

Formula S is the top tier for SESRA open wheel road racing. A large season with team and driver championship on the line. Just like the real world counter-part teams have joined into alliances and are currently testing and tuning for the upcoming season. Look for the rule book to be posted soon.

This January the SESRA Dirt Late Models will hit the track for their first ever Championship. An 11 race season taking the tour through every dirt oval iRacing has to offer. Look for the rule book to be posted soon.