SESRA Endurance Series

The Southeast Sim Racing Association has always kept road racing close to its heart along with other racing disciplines. While any and all endurance road events in the 2020 calendar year will be a stand alone exhibition type event, it is my hope that as an organization we can fill our members with fellow serious road racers and build a panel of road drivers that will help us design and build the 2021 SESRA Endurance Series into whatever we want it to be!

Each driver of the class winning car will receive race event checkered flags!

  • 6 Hours of the Glen will use the Watkins Glen w/ Boot course and the session will begin with Afternoon conditions.
  • Jersey 6HR will use the New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt course and the session will begin with Late Afternoon conditions
  • The TEXAN! will use the COTA Grand Prix course and the session will begin with Noon conditions
  • All weather will be set to dynamic, track usage will begin with 20% and carry over from practice to qual to race.